What’s New in DP2 v22

Just a few of things we're excited about...



CaptureLife integration enables labs to support photographers with a print + digital model by delivering digital files directly to consumer smart phone for a superior experience, continued access & sharing, and further marketing of photo merchandise bringing business back to the pro lab. (www.capturelife.com)

Composite & Calendar Layout Helpers make it easy for labs to create and produce these very important premium products. A wizard like experience helps you design layouts with staff rows and any number of students and automatically layout calendars of many styles and time frames.

Email capabilities are available for labs to create templates that will be automatically created and personalized with specific order content. They are very useful for order confirmation, status notifications and for delivery of digital files to the photographer.

Events/Actions provides means which labs without programming skills can automate their workflows by connecting ‘actions’ that will be automatically triggered when certain upstream ‘events’ in their operation are completed. The flexibility allows labs to continually shape their operations as new products are offered.

Performance/UX remains a top priority as dp2 is a productivity tool. We have implemented significant improvements to the speed that dp2 works with large orders and data tables. We have added many UI hotkey, right clicks, and shortcuts in key dp2 windows based on customer requests.

Programming tools are available to labs for customization and automation. We routinely add new scripts, macros, and modifiers as we help labs with their specific projects. These new tools are then made available to all labs.

Workflows can be defined by labs as a way to split photographer orders that include products from a wide range of production equipment that pro labs use today. Managing the work in each production department and then combining for shipment.


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