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Kodak Professional Digital Print Production Software/DP2

DP2 is the market recognized professional lab software providing powerful, proven features and performance to professional labs around the world. At every stage of your lab’s workflow, DP2 ensures smooth interactions and performance at peak efficiency. From scanning and image file importing, through manipulation, printing, storage and beyond, Kodak’s flexible and scalable approach provides the tools your lab needs to deliver superior image quality, productivity, and innovation.

If you’re not using DP2 Software, what are you waiting for? You’ll see an immediate return on your investment with labor savings and waste reduction. If you’re not sure how it can help your production system, contact us to learn more. It’s time to try the comprehensive digital production system that can grow as your needs grow.

DP2 is the digital imaging backbone for professional labs. It is an integral part of a lab’s creative and production environment and offers:

  • Unmatched, comprehensive, image-enhancement, product-creation, and production-automation features
  • An open architecture to facilitate third-party software integration
  • Sophisticated, fast rendering for very large, complex products—no current product on the market comes close
  • Dynamic templating that allows for automated production of one-off , customer-unique packages
  • User configurable to optimize different task-driven workflows
  • Scalable from one to hundreds of workstations
  • Tools that enable remote service, support, training, and reporting